Health Care Providers' Understanding of Health Care Beliefs and Preferences in Anabaptist Communities

Dawn Garrett-Wright, M. Eve Main, M. Susan Jones


Anabaptist communities are among the fastest growing communities in the United States. Reviews of medical and sociological literature consistently demonstrate that members of Anabaptist communities hold health care beliefs and preferences that differ from the mainstream culture. However, the professional health care literature is lacking in information regarding health care providers' understanding of health care beliefs and preferences in Anabaptist groups. The purpose of this study was to explore the understanding of Anabaptist patients' health care beliefs and preferences as well as lessons learned from providers who have experience delivering health care for this culturally diverse population. A qualitative descriptive approach was used to collect data with a sample of health care providers (N = 18) selected via purposive sampling. The study participants provided informed consent to be interviewed and videotaped responding to a set of semi-structured interview questions. The videotaped interviews were transcribed before thematic analysis was conducted independently and then collectively by a group of three researchers familiar with Anabaptist health care practices. Through thematic analysis, seven themes were identified among the participants relating to their understanding of the beliefs and preferences of Anabaptist community members they served.


Anabaptist; health care providers; health care beliefs and preferences; perceptions

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