Prevalence of Accidents in Smaller Amish Settlements: 2015–2022


  • Rachel E. Stein West Virginia University
  • Mark W. Dewalt Winthrop University



accidents, falls, Amish, farm safety, job safety


Many Amish people engage in manual labor tasks at work, on the farm, and at home. As such, the daily risk for injury is high. The primary mode of transportation, horses and buggies, also creates opportunities for accidents and injuries. Much of the research on injuries among the Amish focuses on hospital reports, capturing only the most severe injuries. Research is also limited by a focus on injuries to children. Many safety programs are tailored toward people living in large Amish settlements, as more people can be reached. We use accident reports submitted to The Diary, a monthly newspaper, to determine the type and prevalence of accidents in small Amish communities. Accidents related to falls, manual labor, and buggy and/or vehicle crashes are the most prevalent forms of injury across age groups. Most accidents do not involve serious injuries and are likely to escape the purview of mainstream medicine. The prevalence of accidents at the house or on the property involving young children suggests that culturally appropriate prevention measures tailored to daily activities would be helpful to lower the incidence of injury.